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The Hostel Takeover 2023

Hostels of Edinburgh - We invite you to take part in the mother of all takeovers!

For one night in June - we invite staff and crews of hostels to take part in a night of party games, competitions and most important of all - LOADSA FUN

To compete with other hostels/hotels to be crowned as the TOP IN CLASS

Competitions including:
Wii Mario Kart
Beer Pong
Party Games set by our host
Mini Quiz
Giveaways and Merch from Jubel, VK & Southern Comfort

Chance to win £100 for the winning hostel
Burger & Fries from £5.49
Karaoke from 10pm after the main event
Free Buffet for pre booked hostels

⚠️ Remember ⚠️

Kicks off 7.30pm - 10pm / Karaoke from 10pm

Your Trade Card to get extra special deals - Not got one yet? Drop us a message

Book your hostel in and get your tables organised - Teams of any size welcome however 6+ recommended

All entrants must be 18+

To book your hostel/hotel in fill in the form below

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